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I am Michael Hansen, an author and editor from Espuebla. My hobbies are reading books and doing gymnastics. You can contact me via email at michaelhansen9@outlook.com.

Current job: Marketing Specialist

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My Story

I earned a strong bachelor’s degree in marketing strategies from university. I have eight years of experience working in the marketing and finance division of a securities firm. I gave the clients advice on how to invest in securities that would provide the maximum profits based on my knowledge from my university and expertise. It implies that they can use the law to make money from investments.

Due to my poor nutrition during my working years, I had health issues. Then, to take care of myself, I made the decision to enroll in a nutritional therapy course. And as a result of that period of time, I gained an understanding of how to properly nourish my body. I believe that many individuals may experience the same problem, and they also need to understand how to eat several nourishing meals.

A healthy diet and an appropriate workout routine go hand in hand. Most people are aware of how vital exercise is, but they are often too busy to do it, which is my issue. As a result, I discovered that some exercises are beneficial for those who are busy. I am motivated to improve my physical appearance and health every day since I am aware of how significant they are to women.

I really feel that I can help individuals in finding solutions to their difficulties thanks to my extensive knowledge and expertise in both my major and in life. My main areas of expertise include money and banking law, as well as beauty and health, education and exercise, and costs.